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Luxio is cute and cool!
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WTF? by HybridAlchemist

This picture of Daxter is just so adorable. I really love how you did his glasses, and he tilts his head, and has one ear bent. Oh, and...


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If the Nintendo NX gets a Smash installment, I was thinking Daroach would be a great playable character for Smash NX, since Kirby is underrepresented in Smash.

Daroach is the Squeak leader from Kirby Squeak Squad/Mouse Attack. Even though he really was only in one game, he has quite a few stickers in Planet Robobot. I was thinking he may have some moveset potential. He can throw bombs, shoot beams, and attack using the Triple Star, like how Dedede has a hammer, and Meta Knight has a sword.

I think Bandana Dee and Daroach would make great additions to the roster if we get a Smash NX. In Smash 3DS/Wii U, there were NO Kirby newcomers.

Queen Sectonia from Kirby Triple Deluxe may be too big, and suffer the same problems as Ridley. They could resize her, I don't know.

Masked Dedede would just be a clone, except more powerful. I don't know about Bonkers.

What do you think?

EDIT: I don't think Daroach really is that popular, or any other Kirby character that isn't a main character. This is just an idea. I don't expect it to come true.


Artist | Student | Digital Art
United States
My account's original username: Tailsfan97

This is my first character, Billy! You can also refer to me as Billy! He represents me nicely!

I also have autism

My PvZ icons:

:iconsquashplz: SQUASH!!
:iconcherrybombplz: POWIE!!
:iconpotatomineplz: SPUDOW!!

I'm also the creator of the ROFLTANK and icon of it:

Art status:

My rules:
Don't complain about what I draw. Please respect that I draw what I want.
No trolling, such as purposely trying to annoy or harass me. (Immediate block)
Do not push my buttons.
Do not push me on anything.
Do not thank me for the fave, watch, or llama.
Do not flood my page. (So many comments from the same person in one page in a short time) [Replies don't count]
Do not tell me to stop talking to a certain friend, unless it's a REALLY good reason.
Do not give me threats, such as killing, raping, etc. (Immediate block)
Do not advertise your group to me. I will not join your group if you ask me to.

I will give a warning if you do those things. Trolling me will get you blocked immediately! Any threats will also get you blocked immediately.

Also, ABSOLUTELY NO CHAIN MAIL ON MY PROFILE. Any chain mail will always be marked as spam. They are nothing more but spam. I will give a warning for that.

For the point commissions:
Point commissionsI'm taking point commissions:
20 points for a character.
10 points for a background.
5 points for every additional character.
I will draw:
Anything not too hard
I will NOT draw:
Hate art
Blood and gore
Complicated designs
Diaper babies
Fecal matter
If you want to request a stamp or an emoticon, it's FREE.
Let me know in the comments.

•Cute furry characters
•Certain Pokémon
•Aliens (non-generic ones)

•Hate art/Bashing
•Complicated designs
•Plain animals that are not characters (with very little exceptions)
•Diapered babies
•Weight gain

Character stamps:
Billy The Ferret by MarlenesstampsBarry The Stoat by MarlenesstampsJimmy The Porcupine by MarlenesstampsCasey The Otter by MarlenesstampsWinston The Flying Squirrel by MarlenesstampsFluffsel The Ferret by MarlenesstampsSamantha The Ermine by MarlenesstampsKayla The Long-Tailed Weasel by MarlenesstampsVictor The Kangaroo by MarlenesstampsRoobot - 01 by MarlenesstampsAmy The Chinchilla by MarlenesstampsLorne The Deer by MarlenesstampsFang The Snake by MarlenesstampsLewis The Fox by MarlenesstampsRofox-01 by MarlenesstampsNelson The Meerkat by MarlenesstampsMaggie The Rabbit by MarlenesstampsKevin The Armadillo by Marlenesstamps
Darryl The Shiny Buizel by MarlenesstampsOtis The Buizel by MarlenesstampsSadie The Purrloin by MarlenesstampsOwen The Cubone by MarlenesstampsMax The Riolu by MarlenesstampsMighty The Mienfoo by MarlenesstampsGeorge The Vulpix by MarlenesstampsFluffyquil The Quilava by Marlenesstamps


My friends:

FUCK THIS TABLE!!!! (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

Please do not thank me for the fave, watch, or llama.
Also, please no chain letters of any kind.


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